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JWL introduction

JWL has both own production and development of pneumatic equipment, couplings and accessories. Furthermore JWL is subcontractor of metal and plastic parts.

JWL emphasis high quality and humanity in the solution of our jobs.

JWL is centrally placed in Denmark between Vejle and Horsens by E45.

JWL strives to deliver the goods at the right time, in the right quality and produced on the most cost-effective way for both the client and JWL.

JWL = Quality

Our logo is an expression of high quality.

In 1963 when Johannes Wagner Lund founded JWL, the three triangles were a machine technical expression of high quality and precision – that is why we are still using them in our logo.

High quality, durability, design and functionality characterizes our products – and so it has been for more than 45 years.

The durability of our products is first class. Our Air Boy blowgun has been tested for more than 25 million operations.


The history of JWL

1963JWL was founded by Johannes Wagner Lund as a machine factory
1964A long time collaboration was started with the Brdr. Michelsen -  this included subcontracting of pneumatic equipment and processing of metal parts.
1972A new factory is builded at Phønixvej in Hedensted
1976The Air Boy blowgun was introduced as one of the first blowguns produced in plastic instead of metal. Today our Air Boy is one of the most copied blowguns in the world.
1982The first quick release couplings were introduced
1986The factory expands
1992Another factory was build at Mosetoften in Hedensted. Plastic production, mounting and administration moves.
2006A new factory is domicile is builded at Teknikervej in Hedensted. Both factories are gathered in one building.
2007Kristian Lund, the son of the founder, takes ownership of JWL
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