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ARO 210 quick couplings

JWL advantages
Robust and impact-resistant quick couplings. All quick couplings are pressed together to prevent leaks. Low pressure drop thanks to optimised valve system. One-handed connection and release. Anti-whip nipples are available as accessories. The 522- & 532-Series are also available in stainless and acid proof steel.

Low connection force
The series 512 and 572 are supplied with a user-friendly, new valve system that reduces the connection force by 50% compared to conventional valve systems currently available.

Safety coupling
The 572 series has a two-step release system.

Heavy Duty
The series 522 and 532 are suitable for heavy-duty use.

Vacuum quick coupling
The seals/washers of the 511 series also make it suitable as a vacuum quick coupling.

Standard : ARO 210
Flow diameter : 5,5 mm
Connectable with the following:
Cejn 300, Hansen 100 & Auto-Flo 23, Orion 44150 & 44515, Proquix 1280, 1281, Rectus-Tema 14 & 22, and many more
ARO 210 profil

Series 512 quick couplings

Series 512 Technical description & materials

 Max. working 
 16 bar Housing Steel, el.galv.
 Burst pressure 140 bar Ball cage Steel, el.galv.
 Temperature range -20°C to +60°C Valve Brass
 Flow diameter 5,5 mm Retaining ring Hardened steel,
 el. galvanished
 Balls Hardened steel
 Seals Nitrile rubber
 Springs Stainless

Series 512 flowdiagram

Series 512 Variants

 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread512-0020001/4"(6mm) hose con.512-022000
 1/4" NPT int. thread512-032000*5/16"(8mm) hose con.512-023000
 3/8" BSPT int. thread512-0040003/8"(10mm) hose con.512-024000
 3/8" NPT int. thread512-034000*1/2"(13mm) hose con.512-025000
 1/2" BSPT int. thread512-005000
 1/2" NPTint. thread512-035000*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread512-012000  PUR con. ø5mm512-052000
 1/4" NPT ext. thread512-042000*  PUR con. ø6,5mm512-054000
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread512-014000  PUR con. ø8mm512-055000
 3/8" NPT ext. thread512-044000*  PUR con. ø9,5mm512-056000
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread512-015000
 1/2" NPT ext. thread512-045000** On request

Series 532 quick couplings

Series 532 Technical description & materials

 Max. working 
 35 bar Housing Steel, el.galv.
 Burst pressure 150 bar Ball cage Steel, el.galv.
 -20°C to +60°C Valve POM
 Flowdiameter 5,5 mm Retaining ring Hardened steel,
 el. galvanished
 Balls Hardened steel
 Seals Nitrile rubber
 Springs Stainless

Series 532 flowdiagram

Series 532 Variants

 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread532-0020001/4"(6mm) hose con.532-022000
 1/4" NPT int. thread532-032000*5/16"(8mm) hose con.532-023000
 3/8" BSPT int. thread532-0040003/8"(10mm) hose con.532-024000
 3/8" NPT int. thread532-034000*1/2"(13mm) hose con.532-025000
 1/2" BSPT int. thread532-005000
 1/2" NPT int. thread532-035000*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread532-012000  PUR con. ø5mm532-052000
 1/4" NPT ext. thread532-042000*  PUR con. ø6,5mm532-054000
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread532-014000  PUR con. ø8mm532-055000
 3/8" NPT ext. thread532-044000*  PUR con. ø9,5mm532-056000
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread532-015000
 1/2" NPT ext. thread532-045000** On request

ARO 210-profiel Nipples
 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread5223021/4"(6mm) hose con.522322
 1/4" NPT int. thread522332*5/16"(8mm) hose con.522323
 3/8" BSPT int. thread5223043/8"(10mm) hose con.522324
 3/8" NPT int. thread522334*1/2"(13mm) hose con.522325
 1/2" BSPT int. thread522305
 1/2" NPT int. thread522335*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread522312  PUR con. ø5mm522352
 1/4" NPT ext. thread522342*  PUR con. ø6,5mm522354
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread522314  PUR con. ø8mm522355
 3/8" NPT ext. thread522344*  PUR con. ø9,5mm522356
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread522315
 1/2" NPT ext. thread522345** On request

Series 522 quick couplings

Series 522 Technical description & materials

 Max. working
 35 bar Housing Steel, el.galv.
 Burst pressure 150 bar Ball cage Acetalpl
 Temperature range -20°C to +60°C Valve Brass
 Flow diameter 5,5 mm Retaining ring Hardened steel,
 el. galvanished
 Balls Hardened steel
 Seals Nitrile rubber
 Springs Stainless

Series 522 flowdiagram

Series 522 Variants

 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread522-0020001/4"(6mm) hose con.522-022000
 1/4" NPT int. thread522-032000*5/16"(8mm) hose con.522-023000
 3/8" BSPT int. thread522-0040003/8"(10mm) hose con.522-024000
 3/8" NPT int. thread522-034000*1/2"(13mm) hose con.522-025000
 1/2" BSPT int. thread522-005000
 1/2" NPT int. thread522-035000*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread522-012000  PUR con. ø5mm522-052000
 1/4" NPT ext. thread522-042000*  PUR con. ø6,5mm522-054000
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread522-014000  PUR con. ø8mm522-055000
 3/8" NPT ext. thread522-044000*  PUR con. ø9,5mm522-056000
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread522-015000
 1/2" NPT ext. thread522-045000** On request

Series 572 quick couplings

Series 572 Technical description & materials

 Max. working 
 16 bar Housing Steel, el.galv.
 Burst pressure 150 bar Ball cage Brass, nickel plated
 Temperature range -20°C to +60°C Valve Brass
 Flowdiameter 5,5 mm Retaining ring Hardened steel,
 el. galvanished
 Guard ring PA6
 Balls Hardened steel
 Seals Nitrile rubber
 Springs Stainless

Series 572 flowdiagram

Series 572 Variants

 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread572-0020001/4"(6mm) hose con.572-022000
 1/4" NPT int. thread572-032000*5/16"(8mm) hose con.572-023000
 3/8" BSPT int. thread572-0040003/8"(10mm) hose con.572-024000
 3/8" NPT int. thread572-034000*1/2"(13mm) hose con.572-025000
 1/2" BSPT int. thread572-005000
 1/2" NPT int. thread572-035000*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread572-012000  PUR con. ø5mm572-052000
 1/4" NPT ext. thread572-042000*  PUR con. ø6,5mm572-054000
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread572-014000  PUR con. ø8mm572-055000
 3/8" NPT ext. thread572-044000*  PUR con. ø9,5mm572-056000
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread572-015000
 1/2" NPT ext. thread572-045000** On request