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JWL Brake bleeder in actionJWL Brakebleeders

JWL brake bleeder

JWL brake bleeders are used for bleeding and refilling the brake systems of all types og vehicles, quickly and cleany by a single person.

JWL brake bleeders are also suitable for bleeding other closed fluid systems.

JWL brake bleeders must, however, never be used for explosive fluids, e.g. petrol and acetone.

JWL Brake bleeders are available in several models – with or without refilling systems – for cars and motorcycles - with or without safety valve, which prevents the fluid to atomize when the container is full.

JWL Brake bleeders are approved and distributed by leading brake disc manufacturers.

Simple operation

Fix the rubber pipe on to the escape valve and loosen. 

Activate the handle until you can see (through the hose), that the brake fluid is free of air bubbles. 

Tighten the escape valve and remove the rubber pipe. Repeat the same procedure for each brake caliper. Remember to control the fluid level.

Use for instance the JWL refilling system while you are bleeding.

Ny brake bleeder

Brake bleeder larger container
New design and larger container
We have with the new brake bleeder design increased the volume with 50 % - from 0,8 L - 1,2 L.
Brake bleeder hose relief

Hose relief
The relief spring and the rotatable hose protects the hose against break.
Made in plastic = no corrosion.

JWL Brake bleeder 143103-000

Plastic clip
The trigger clip is now made in plastic instead of metal wire - and is single-handed.



Brake bleeder handle

The JWL brake bleeder is now produced as standard - with a handle, which can be used for both hanging and roll up.

Brake bleeder rubber pipe

New rubber pipe
Rubber pipe with improved ergonomic. Produced in a long-lasting plastic material.

Extra equipment

JWL Brake bleeder Safety valve
Safety valve
You can now require the JWL brake bleeder with a self-acting safety valve, which prevents the fluid to atomise, when the container is filled.
JWL Refilling system
JWL refilling system
Use the JWL refilling system while you are bleeding - quickly and cleany.

Technical description

   Working press.    6-12 bar (87-174 psi)
   Air consumption   Max 180 L. air/min at 8 bar
   Containers   1,2 Liter & 2,0 Liter
   Vacuum   Minimum 60 %
   Thread   BSP / NPT


   Handle and trigger   Acetal plastic
   Valve   Acetal plastic
   Gaskets/O-rings   EPDM
   Springs   Hardened spring wire
   Containers   PE
   Hoses   PVC
   Rubber nozzles   TPU


   JWL Brake bleeders
143102-000 Brake bleeder
143101-000 JWL Brake bleeder
143112-000 Brake bleeder
143111-000 JWL Brake bleeder
143120-000 JWL Brake bleeder for MC
   JWL brake bleeder, standard with 1,2 L container   143102-000
   JWL brake bleeder, standard with 1,2 L container & safety valve   143103-000
   JWL brake bleeder, standard with 2,0 L container   143101-000
   JWL brake bleeder with replenishment system and 1,2 L container   143112-000
   JWL Bremseudlufter with replenishment system, 1,2 L container and safety valve    143113-000
   JWL brake bleeder with replenishment system and 2,0 L container   143111-000
    JWL brake bleeder for MC with 1,2 L container   143123-000
    JWL brake bleeder for MC with 1,2 L container, valve and ball cock   143122-000
   Container 1,2 L   143200
   Container 2,0 L   143202
   Container with lid 1,2 litre   143160
   Container with lid 2,0 litre   143161
   Replenishment system   143150
   Repair kit: hose, hose connectors, rubber pipe, relief spring and O-ring   143155
   Repair kit MC: Y-piece, hose, hose connectors, rubber pipes, hose relief and O-ring   143156
   Safety valve - for all models   143267
   Noice reducer - model 2010   143157