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PUR or rubber hose?

The rubber hose is more robust in shops where welding is performed or other spark-emitting tools are used.

Our PUR hose maintains persistent flexibility and is oil resistant. The quality is acknowledget in all sectors of industry.

Can 245267 (hose reel assembled with 3/8" Rubberflex hose)
be used for water

We do not recommend it - the hose will rust in time.

Shall I buy a cleaning gun with metal or plastic nozzle?

Both of the nozzles can be used for almost all kinds of cleaning agents, but the metal nozzle robust in garages.

Can I use steel sand for 145100-000?

We do not recommend it - the cleaning gun will be worn.

Which sand grade shall I use?

For standard tasks: Sand grade 00 with grain size 0,3mm – 0,6mm.
For coarser work: Sand grade 0 with grain size 0,4mm – 0,8mm.

Spraygun with plastic or metal suction pipe?

Use always plastic pipe for water-based fluid.

Shall I chose a painting gun with gravity feed or suction feed?

The gravity feed offers better precision, but whether you chose a painting gun with gravity or suction feed is a matter of preference.

Is it possible to use the oil extractor to extract diesel from cars?

Yes, the oil extractor is produced with nitril gaskets/o-rings, which can withstand diesel.