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JWL A/C Cleaner hjælper dig med på nem og overskuelig vis at få rengjort bilens klimaanlægJWL AC Cleaner

AC Cleaner

The new JWL A/C Cleaner helps you to clean and remove bacterias from the air conditioning system - easy and simple.

The cleaning liquid provides a protective layer, which keeps the air conditioning system clean and at the same time gives a clean odeur in the car.

Car manufacturers recommends to clean the air conditioning system at least once a year.

The JWL A/C Cleaner is well designed focusing on reliability and ergonomics and thus very easily operated. The A/C Cleaner is made of impact-resistant materials.

With the JWL A/C Cleaner you get a careful and thorough cleaning, which also secures you a well-functioning air conditioning system in the future. 

Technical description

   Working press.    Ideal pressure 4 - 6 bars - max 12 bar.
   Air consumption   Max 180 L. air/min at 8 bar
   Container   1,2 Liter
   Thread   BSP / NPT


   Handle & trigger   Acetal plast
   Valve   Acetal plast
   Gaskets / O-rings   Nitril
   Spring   Hardened spring wire
   Container   PE
   Hoses   PVC/PA11

   JWL AC-Cleaner
JWL AC Cleaner med 1,2 liters beholder
Komplet beholder med sugeslange
JWL A/C Rensepistol
JWL A/C dyseslange ø8 x 900 mm
Code no.

   JWL AC Cleaner with 1,2 litre container

   Code no.

   Complete container with hose


   JWL A/C cleaning gun


   JWL A/C hose ø8 x 900 mm


Quick guide - simple and effective

1. Preparation2. Connection3. Treatment
1. Preparation
Invert the cleaner liquid bottle and shake well (10 - 15 times).

Pour the cleaning liquid into the spray container. Close the container and connect it to the spray gun.

2. Connection
Connect the sprayer to the shop air. Ideal pressure 4 - 6 bars, maximum pressure 12 bar.

3. Treatment
Dry the evaporator for 10 minutes under following conditions: A/C: off, Air inlet: circulation, Temp.: warm, Air outlet: foot, Fan: hi

4. Harvesting5. Evaporator6. Finish

4. Harvesting
Put a tray under the drain hose of the evaporator and shop cloth under the cooling unit to avoid dropping on the ground and floor mat. Open the windows for ventilation.

5. Evaporator
Insert the spray nozzle into the filter inlet or resistor opening and spray into the evaporator while moving the nozzle around to cover the whole evaporator surface.

The cleaning fluid should be allowed to act for approx. 15 - 20 minutes.

6. Finish
Reinstall filter and other temporarily removed parts. To dry the treated evaporator proceed as follows: A/C: off, Air inlet: circulation, Temp.: warm, Air outlet: foot, Fan: hi.

Time to dry: approx. 20 - 30 minutes.