JWL Qic 10 profile Couplings & Nipples


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Qic 10 Quick Couplings

JWL advantages
Robust and impact-resistant quick couplings. All quick couplings are pressed together to prevent leaks. Low pressure drop thanks to optimised valve system. One-handed connection and release. Anti-whip nipples are available as accessories.

Low connection force
The series 515 is supplied with a user-friendly valve system that reduces the connection force by 50% compared to conventional valve systems currently available.

Vacuum quick coupling
The seals/washers of the 511 series also make it suitable as a vacuum quick coupling.

Standard : Qic 10
Flowdiameter : 8 mm
Connectable with the following:
Atlas Copco Q 10, Rectus 33,
and many more.
Qic 10 profil

Series 515 - Reduced connection force

Series 515 Quick Couplings

Series 515 Technical description & materials

 Max. work. pressure 16 bar Housing Steel, el.galv.
 Burst pressure 140 bar Ball cage Steel, el.galv.
 Temperature range -20°C to+60°C Valve Brass
 Flowdiameter 8 mm Retaining ring Hardened steel,
 el. galvanished
 Balls Hardened steel
 Seals Nitrile Rubber
 Springs Stainless

Series 515 flowdiagram

Series 515 Variants

 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4"  BSPT int. thread515-0020001/4"(6mm) hose con.515-022000
 1/4" NPT int. thread515-032000*5/16"(8mm) hose con.515-023000
 3/8"  BSPT int. thread515-0040003/8"(10mm) hose con.515-024000
 3/8" NPT int. thread515-034000*1/2"(13mm) hose con.515-025000
 1/2"  BSPT int. thread515-005000
 1/2" NPT int. thread515-035000*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread515-012000  PUR con. ø5mm515-052000
 1/4" NPT ext. thread515-042000*  PUR con. ø6,5mm515-054000
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread515-014000  PUR con. ø8mm515-055000
 3/8" NPT ext. thread515-044000*  PUR con. ø9,5mm515-056000
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread515-015000
 1/2" NPT ext. thread515-045000** On request

Nipples - Hardened Steel

Qic 10-profile Nipples
 Connection Code no. Connection Code no.
 1/4" BSPT int. thread5153021/4"(6mm) hose con.515322
 1/4" NPT int. thread515332*5/16"(8mm) hose con.515323
 3/8" BSPT int. thread5153043/8"(10mm) hose con.515324
 3/8" NPT int. thread515334*1/2"(13mm) hose con.515325
 1/2" BSPT int. thread515305
 1/2" NPT int. thread515335*
 1/4" BSPT ext. thread515312  PUR con. ø5mm515352
 1/4" NPT ext. thread515342*  PUR con. ø6,5mm515354
 3/8" BSPT ext. thread515314  PUR con. ø8mm515355
 3/8" NPT ext. thread515344*  PUR con. ø9,5mm515356
 1/2" BSPT ext. thread515315
 1/2" NPT ext. thread515345** On request