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JWL Sandblasting guns efficiently remove rust and ingrained dirt from various surfaces. JWL Sandblasting guns

Sandblasting guns

JWL Sandblasting gun is a handy, powerful tool with practical, refillable container (1,2 L).

The JWL sandblasting gun efficiently removes rust and ingrained dirt from various surfaces.

JWL sandblasters are ergonomically designed and therefore very userfriendly. They are light weight and easily operated. Sand quantity/suction force is infinitely adjustable and easily regulated with the trigger.

JWL sandblasting set for large tasks is supplied complete with suction pipe and protection mask.

For standard tasks:
Sand grade 00 with grain size 0,3 – 0,6 mm should be used.

For coarser work:
Sand grade 0 with grain size 0,4 – 0,8 mm is ideal.

Technical description

   Connection    1/4" internal thread
   Working pressure   6 - 12 Bar (87 - 174 psi)
   Containers   1,2 litre
   Air consumption   450 Litre air/min. at 8 Bar 


   Handle & trigger   Acetal plastic
   Valve   Acetal plastic
   Gaskets / O-rings   Nitrile
   Spring   Hardened spring wire
   Containers   PEHD


   JWL Sandblasting guns
Code no.
   JWL Sandblasting gun w/container 1,2 L.   145100-000
   JWL Sandblasting set   145102-000
   Code no.
   Mask for sandblasting   145108
   Nozzle for sandblasting gun   145805
   Steel nozzle with o-ring for sandblasting set (145102).   145803
   Container 1,2 L.   143200
   Container with lid 1,2 L.   143160