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Washing gun in actionWashing gun 142180-000

Washing gun

JWL Washing guns are powerful, efficient spray guns where a mixture of compressed air and water allows cleaning of items that might be damaged by water-jetting but at the same time require a higher water pressure than is provided by the mains. JWL Washing guns are designed to allow operators to come close to items being washed without getting wet – NO SPLASHBACK.
JWL Washing guns are made of impact-resistant materials and perfectly serve degreasing, cleaning and detergent coating purposes.

Technical description

   Air connection   1/4" internal thread
   Water connection   Nipple for water coupling
   Working pressure   6 - 10 bar
   Air consumption   Max. 380 L/min
   Water consumption   4 - 8 L/min


   Handle and trigger   Acetal plastic
   Valve   Acetal plastic
   Gaskets / O-rings   Nitrile
   Blowing tube & shaft   Steel, electrically galvanised
   Springs   Hardened spring wire
   Nozzles   POM


   JWL Washing gun
Code no.
   Washing gun   142180-000